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I can’t believe how great the service is at GeekAvailable, Rod came within hours on the day I called him and this means a lot to me because as a REALTOR I cannot work without my computer.  After Rod serviced my PC it runs even faster than it did when it was new. If you need computer service in San Diego, Geek Available is the way to go, they are fast, very competitive on pricing, and they are experts.

James Dedolph

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When my computer wasnt turning on, I thought all my files were lost, my children pictures, my birthday party video, some docs from work, etc. I was so desperated because I had no backups at all. I called Geek Available and in less then 48 hours I had everything back to work, and without losing anything!! Thank you Rod, you were really nice and professional, and whats even better, fast! Now all my friends know about you, and everytime they need something related to computers, they already know who to call. Thanks again

Rachel Maack

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My Laptop monitor wasnt working. Many people here at work said that I had to buy a new one, because Laptops are so expensive to fix, and when it breaks it’s always easier to just go to the computer shop and get another. I decided to call Rod, to see if he could do something about that because I was not willing to spend two thousand dollars on a new computer. That was the best phone call I ever made. He picked it up same day, and within a few days he brought me back what I thought was a brand new computer. Best part? Show to the “experts” here at work that all you need to do is make the right call. Thanks Rod, it was amazing.

Joseph Kinzel


I want to thank you for the excellent IT support service you provided me today. I initially called another IT support company and their technician “broke” my wireless network! I was impressed that you fit me into your schedule on the very next day and fixed not only my wireless network in my home but also a myriad of other computer and printer issues at my home office and for my home network.  Your attention to detail and ability to explain what you did in plain English is impressive! I will definitely be calling you for additional assistance and recommending you.

Doug Novak
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