Screen Replacement


Need to have your screen replaced? We’ve got you covered!

Having a bad screen doesn’t have to be your laptop’s death sentence. Whether you have a broken screen due to an accidental drop, a flickering screen or your screen stopped working at all, we carry a variety of different screens in stock to get you up and running asap!


Broken Screen:

The screen is the most sensitive part for shock damage, moisture and all other “whoopsies” of life. Maybe your kid stepped on your laptop, perhaps your dog tripped on the charger’s cord, no matter how it happened, replacing broken screens on laptops is one of our most common repairs. We have most screens in stock (non-touch) and hopefully we can get you up and running within a business day.



Screen is dim / no backlight:

So you didn’t drop or hit your computer in any way but still your screen has gone dark. It can happen for a number of different reasons. Moisture, bad design, old age and even using a fake charger – due to a malfunction on the part responsible for boosting the tension you have out of your battery/power cord to light up the screen – so make sure to only use original chargers, which we also have in stock 😉




Broken touch screen or broken glass:

We all love the fancy new touch screen functionality on our laptops but that piece of glass can be pretty delicate. Your laptop is not an actual touch screen but the protective glass broke? We can replace that too. Bring the computer to the shop so we can assess the damage and find out the best way to help you.




Macbook screens:

Got a Macbook Pro with a cracked screen or broken glass? We can replace them both. You’ll be surprised how much cheaper it is to replace a broken screen at our shop compared to the Apple store. We can even replace a broken glass on an Imacs.



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Give us a call at (619) 794-4774!

By calling us you’ll be 1 step away from having a brand new screen on your laptop!


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These are some of the brands we service:

Acer   Alienware   Apple   Asus   Compaq   Dell   Fujitsu   Gateway   HP

   Lenovo   MSI   Samsung   Sony (Vaio)   Toshiba