PC Repair


Laptops, desktops or All-In-Ones. All brands and models. One computer repair shop!

No matter what the issue or brand is, Geek Available is your one stop to all computer related issues!

Don’t hesitate to give us a call!

(619) 794-4774. We can come to you if you need on-site support.


Virus Removal:

Sometimes weird things start to appear on your screen, or even some programs simply won’t open anymore, or maybe you can’t find your documents.

In that case, there’s a chance that your computer is infected with a virus.

This may have occurred by malicious programs, an infected email you opened or infected websites you visited, but the important thing is that we can certainly help you having your computer back to its tip-top shape.

All you have to do turn off the computer to avoid further damage and call us.



Screen Repair:

If you’re here on this page then your computer screen is probably broken or defective.

The screen is the most sensitive part for shock damage, moisture and all other “whoopsies” of life.

The good news is that we can fix it. And quite often we even have screens in stock.

All you have to do is call us! We’re waiting for your call!

You can have your screen replaced sooner than you think and for a fraction of what you’d spend on a new computer.




Liquid Spill:

Coffee? Water? Tea? Soda?

Stay calm and act fast:

  • Do not try to turn it back on! (that’s the most important!)
  • Turn the computer upside down
  • Call us immediately

Your computer is pretty much thousands of many different electronic components and circuits that must work together, but they don’t go well with liquids.

When you spill something on your computer, it must be cleaned (internally) before you try and use it again, otherwise the leftovers of the liquid or even the rust that will start mounting will ruin it inside.

In a liquid spill situation, act fast! Call us and we’ll help you!

(619) 794-4774. We can come to you if you need on-site support.




Computer Repair:

When you have some service due on your computer, you want it fast and you want it right. And thanks to us, it can be affordable too!

You’re probably not thinking about servicing your computer anytime soon, but life happens.

Same day service is our target, whenever possible.

We take pride in being the best and fastest computer shop in San Diego county.

Our engineers are available to diagnose your computer and quickly address the best solution.




Laptop Repair:

When you have some service due on your laptop, you want the problem fixed fast but you also want it done right!

You’re probably not thinking about leaving your laptop at the service center for a long time, right?

Same day service is our target, whenever possible.

We take pride in being the best and fastest in laptop service in San Diego county.

Whether you use the latest and greatest laptop or even if it is an older machine that you love, we can fix any make and model. We are experts in computer repair, service and maintenance. We can easily understand your needs and you don’t need to worry about being treated like a number. We are a small shop, here for your convenience!

Call us at (619) 794-4774, or if you prefer, bring in your laptop for service. You will be surprised on how affordable it is to fix it.



Computer Upgrades:

Are you in love with the performance of your computer?

Upgrades can make your computer run like new. They can get faster and more efficient than you imagine!

Some would consider buying an entire new system just because their computer need a simple upgrade, but for your pocket’s sake you might want to consider that your hardware may be even more dependable/fast than what you are considering buying.

If you are planning on buying a new computer because your system isn’t able to handle your files or you don’t like its performance, a much simpler solution would be to upgrade what you have and save big!

Whether you need more space, more memory or even a Solid State Drive upgrade. Give us a call!



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Give us a call at (619) 794-4774 and schedule an appointment!

By calling us you’ll be 1 step away from having a better working computer!


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These are some of the brands we service:

Acer   Alienware   Apple   Asus   Compaq   Dell   Fujitsu   Gateway   HP

   Lenovo   MSI   Samsung   Sony (Vaio)   Toshiba