Water, soda, coffee spilled on your computer?

Saving Your Laptop after a Spill.

Water, coffee, and soda are among your laptop’s worst enemies. Just a little bit of such a liquid on your laptop keyboard can damage or destroy your machine or cause you to lose data.

Some laptops are more vulnerable to damage from a spill on the keyboard than others, and it doesn’t always have anything to do with the price tag. Some keyboards have a thin rubber membrane beneath the keys with electrical contacts molded right into little domes under each letter; that design may feel squishy and cheap to some users, but it stands up better to a splash or a flood than a more traditional design with springs and exposed contacts. How do you know which type of design you have? Take a look for yourself by prying off a keytop; if you’re shopping, you may be able to get the information from the manufacturer or a dealer.

The best way to prevent damage from a mix of liquid and electronics is to keep them as far apart as possible. Keep your laptop far away from cups of coffee, glasses of water, and cans of soda. But in the real world, stuff happens. If you have a choice of poisons, take the water spill. A hot cup of coffee, a cold glass of soda, or a glass of wine are each bad news; all of them are slightly acidic. Acidic liquids are nastier than nearly neutral water because the acid can corrode metal contacts. And both coffee and soda can become gummy and sticky as they dry.

Here’s the drill for an emergency recovery from a spill:

1. If you have your machine plugged into wall current, turn off the power at the circuit breaker in your home or office.

You don’t want to touch a wet wire carrying 110 volts or so.

If you’re running the machine on battery power, it’s still operating, and you don’t see sparks, hear odd noises, or smell burnt electrical components, shut your laptop down through the normal Windows process.

If something is obviously wrong with the machine, turn it off immediately by depressing the Off switch or by removing the battery.

2. Ground yourself by touching the center screw on the faceplate of a dry electrical outlet or by touching some other metal object that reaches to ground.

3. If you haven’t done so in emergency mode, remove the AC adapter and the battery, and set them aside.

4. Disconnect any external devices (such as a mouse) attached to the USB, FireWire, serial, or other ports.

5. Put your computer upside down, and let any liquid leak from the keyboard and other components.

6. Call for professional assistance to clean up your computer internally.

WARNING: Remember to never try to turn the computer on before it’s professionally cleaned. You can damage parts, lose data, or totally fry your computer.

If your computer had any liquid spilled on it, please give us a call as fast as possible, so we can help you save your computer.

Don’t risk losing everything you have by trying to fix on your own. You need to always keep in mind that even though a computer may turn on after a spill, that doesn’t mean that you are free from damaging the computer.

Notebook/ Laptop Repair:

– Notebook power connector (DC Jack fix or replacement)
– Broken screen (LCD)
– Spill liquids on the computer
– Chargers
– Sudden powering off
– Any upgrades you may need (hard drive, RAM memory)
– Computer too slow
– Overheating
– Laptops not starting
– Virus and Trojans (most times you don’t even know your computer is infected – you only think is weird the sudden pop-ups or the long time it takes to )
– Wireless and wired networks
– Backups
– Data transfer from your old computer into your new one

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