Affordable Desktop / PC Repair in San Diego County.

Many things can decrease the average life span of your computer. But those who understand the value of these machines always prefer servicing, repairing and maintaining their PCs instead of buying the new computer models, given how weak and troublesome they usually prove themselves.

Our company’s goal is to provide great computer repair in San Diego at an affordable price in the shortest time possible. We remove virus and trojans, upgrade softwares, troubleshoot Operational Systems, replace hardware and we can even bring a defunct PC back to life. We are available in shop and onsite and can help you with almost all your computer problems.

Computer users come to us to solve hardware issues, improve the speed of their machines, protect them from malicious content and to save their precious data. We can retrieve the data lost due to crash. We can also restore a liquid damaged computer if you bring it to us in due time.

We are the best in providing computer service in San Diego and this is evident from the full range of repair and maintenance services that we offer. We are as reliable as we are affordable. We are a team of experienced computer engineers dedicated to providing cost-effective service.

There is no significant or small enough computer or network issue that we can’t help.

Desktop / PC Repair:

  • Hardware issues
  • Computer too slow
  • Fan replacement and cooling system clean-up
  • Virus and Trojans (most times you don’t even know your computer is infected)
  • Wireless and wired networks
  • Backups (are you prepared for a crash? Have copies of all your pictures, songs, contacts, etc)
  • Any other IT need you or your business need!

Everything you need with one single call. We Serve all San Diego County.

Computer Performance Improvement: Whether you need a software update or a hardware upgrade, your computer is going to be faster than it was when brand new. We guarantee it!

Give us a call at (619) 794-4774 and Talk to Us!

You are only 1 step away from having a better performing desktop that attend all you needs.

These are some of the brands we service:

Acer   Alienware   Apple   Asus   Compaq   Dell   Fujitsu   Gateway   HP

   Lenovo   MSI   Samsung   Sony (Vaio)   Toshiba